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Schloss Neuschwanstein

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At the end of October we visited Munich. Munich is nice enough but not really worth a report. However, we went down to Neuschwanstein to visit the famous castle. This castle is very famous and features in the at least one film and as the basis of the logo for another famous film maker. It is also widely used to advertise Germany as holiday destination. The castle sits high on a lump of rock and it really is as picturesque as the publicity makes out. You have to walk up to the castle and this adds to the drama as it is a steep and winding road. You suddenly come out on the castle just at the end of the road. We visited late in the day and, as you can see, it was getting dark. However, we managed to get a couple of photos just before the sun went down. The position really is spectacular.

The tour of the castle has timed entry, you will enter at exactly 15:35, not earlier, not later. Inside the castle is only partly finished. The king died in mysterious circumstances before it could be completed. The king drowned and it is recorded as an accident. Some people say that he was actually murdered. Although it is not finished the insides are impressive, particularily the banquet or concert room. This features a large raised viewing gallery. The other thing with the rooms is that every window has the most incredible view. Looking one way you look straight into the mountains. The other side has great views over the nearbye plains and from the raised view point you can see a long way.

After visiting the castle and touring the insides we walked back down quickly to get a few final photos of the castle before the sun went down. We enjoyed the castle, especially as it is so well known. The insides are better than most of the guide books make out.

The final picture is taken from another of King Ludwig's homes. This small one is decorated in the style of the Versailles Palace in France. It is completely over the top with lots of glass, mirrors and gold everywhere. The house is also set in a spectacularily beautiful location, nestled in the hills. The house is quite small and you can imagine living in the house if it wasn't for the decor.

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