This was to be our last tripwhile we lived in Berlin. Heidelberg is a beautiful old town south of Frankfurt and has a reputation of being the architypal German town. It is most famous for its old schloss that overlooks the town and its very old university. The town is located on the River Neckar in a narrow valley and this means that it is easy to get good views of the town. We stayed just on the outskirts of the town with views over the river and could catch the tram or a taxi into town.

Heidelberg is also close to Hockenheim, home to the German GP and a museum called Sinsheim. Sinsheim is famous as it is the only museum that has a Concorde and a Tu-144 (Concordski), of course I had to visit.

Right is Heidelberg Castle from the opposite side of the river. I think that it is a nice shot with the sun, the mist and the autumn colours. Below left is the schloss from the main square in the town. Below left is one of the towers in the schloss.
A Weekend in Heidelberg
Below is Sinsheim with the two star exhibits. You can go in both but they are in poor condition. The Concordski is bigger than the Concorde with more space internally. However, it is not as technologically advanced and this can be seen when looking at the engines and wings.

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