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Berlin in the Spring

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The winter has been a long and cold one with plenty of snow falling. Two weeks before this picture was taken Berlin was suffering a blizzard. However, the seasons change very quickly and now things are warming up nicely. It was possible to have a coffee sitting outside the cafe. This picture of the Altes Museum shows the weather (and some nice cranes, a Berlin speciality).

The warm sunny weather meant that it was time to finally go to the Reichstag and the rebuilt dome. The dome is a fantastic creation and gives you a good view over Berlin. Berlin is a flat city so good views over the city rely on high buildings. I didn't take a picture of the building but here is one of the inside of the dome. The other good place for a view is from the Fernsehturm or the television tower. We have not been up it but the view is supposed to be good and there is a rotating restaurant at the top.

As well as the seasons changing quickly the plants and trees move quickly. They spend all winter dormant and as soon as the weather picks up they grow. We have seen the trees go from bare branches to covered in leaves in about a week. I know this is quick but the city is transformed. It has gone from being drab and grey through winter to being full of colour.

The spring weather means that the summere is on the way. We are looking forward to the summer. We missed last summer with the move over here and so we want to make the most of this one. I'll keep you posted.